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Let's Talk Money: Deposits, Travel Agent Holds, and Pay Off Dates

What Does a Travel Agent Cost?

At Fairytale Journeys Travel, we are a "fee free" agency. We do not charge our clients a single cent! We work for you, the client- and have your investment, memories, and satisfaction in mind. We are working to become a trusted advisor for years to come. I want to grow a relationship and get to know each person's taste, preferences, and priorities.

How Much Money Down?

Deposit amounts vary based on destination. Additionally, purchasing Travel Insurance can increase the required amount due. This is optional and in many cases can be added at Payment in Full time.

  • Walt Disney World: A flat $200 down no matter the cost of your package. A package is a minimum of hotel stay plus 2 or more days of park tickets.

  • Universal Studios Orlando: $50 per person deposits on hotel + theme park tickets

  • Sandals: $98 down to hold the room, then an additional $302 is charged in 21 days for a complete $400 deposit.

Payment in full is due at: 30 Days Before Check-in for Disney, and 45 days in advance for Universal and Sandals.

This All Sounds Great, But...

Are you on the fence about putting down a deposit on a trip to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, or Sandals? Need some time to talk it over with a significant other? Just need to sleep on it before making a commitment?

I’ve got you covered!!!

Did you know that a complimentary 3 day hold can be put on any package before a deposit is due?!

This is a GREAT way to ensure availability at the resort you want, especially if you are planning on traveling at a busy time of year!

So if you find a package that you want to book but just need a few days to think, ask me about that 3 day hold to ensure availability when you are ready! You won’t regret it!

I hope this information gives you more peace in booking your next vacation. For your individualized quote, click here.

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