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Ways to Save on a Disney Vacation by Shopping at Home!

Who knows more about saving money than Scrooge McDuck and a mom of large family? Nobody, that's right!

Today I am here to share things I buy ahead to save money while on vacation. These tips may seem common sense, smart and practical, or like penny pinching to you. We all come from different backgrounds and budgets. We each do what we can to give our children the most we can give them. :-)

  1. Bring sunscreen, over-the-counter medications, rain ponchos, toothbrushes & toothpaste, band-aids, and contact solution if needed from home. This is a no brainer. But, I have forgotten these items before and paid a pretty penny for them from the hotel lobby gift shop. Check and double check that these items are packed!

  2. Purchase water and non-perishable items at home in the weeks before you travel if you are driving. A few weeks ahead of our trip, I start watching the grocery store sales for items we will use on our trip. When Goldfish crackers are 99 cents per bag and I can get the Mickey ones, that is a savings on in-park snacks. I also stock up on things like breakfast items, pouch drinks, peanut butter crackers, and small bottles of sports beverages. These items are likely more affordable at your hometown grocery than in the stores close to the parks.

  3. Buy some themed shirts at big box stores. Sam's Club, Target, Wal-Mart, etc will often times have licensed merchandise. I can buy all three of my kiddos a shirt for the right price for less than one in park shirt. I'm not a Scrooge, but I will save money when I can. We don't buy matching shirts in the gift shops to wear the next day. We buy a single shirt and that is part of that person's souvenir budget! Also, the Disney store has a Twice Upon a Year Sale that I have lucked up on kids shirts for as low as $1.99 and adult shirts for $4.99. Score!

  4. Shop the party aisle, party store, and drug stores for fun items! Bubbles are a huge hit at Disney. Look for a bubble blower at the local Wal-Greens or CVS when you are in the pick up a prescription. Grab some mini games that kids can play at the table while waiting on food or glow stick necklaces of their favorite characters to break out as the sun goes down. These items can save you from the "I want-s," and help you stay under budget.

Remember to plan a little wiggle room in the budget. When you are at Disney, be willing to say "yes" to an ice cream sundae, a Mickey pretzel, or a silly souvenir. You've booked with a Disney Authorized Travel Agent to provide Discount Monitoring for your trip so you know you got the best pricing available for your travel party and dates. You carefully shopped to prepare and planned ahead. Now, take time to enjoy these Magical Moments with your family.

P.S. Discount Monitoring is a complimentary service I provide my clients. This is one of the many ways I add Value at No Cost to you! Contact me today for your no obligation quote!

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